28 May 2012

Sickness and Flowers

I haven't been on here in forever as I was pretty sick last week which kind of threw me!  Everyone at work seemed to come down with the same thing at the same time so I was in bed for the whole of Thursday and had to call in sick which I absolutely hate doing, but there was no way I could physically work!  When I went in the next day a few people had to leave because they felt so awful and I found that the day I'd called in sick four people were off too and two other people had to leave earlier than they were meant to... not good!!  Have any of you been sick too?

Anyway, I'm fine now I believe and the boy and I have just booked a last minute getaway to Greece over the Jubilee week....so excited!!  At first I thought it was a little un-British of me to want to go away during this time but I am craving sunshine and fun so I think it's the right decision.

This weekend I didn't do much.

I wondered about how to control my undeniably messy hair (looks so much more controlled in photos than in life):

I enjoyed the sunshine in London when I could:

I wore this little ASOS dress to catch up with a friend:

Drank too much of this:

(Source: Ying & Yang)
(that is cider not beer for the record!)

Booked a holiday here:

And slept far too much.

Now the 1 week holiday countdown/exercise regime begins....surely I can be bikini ready in 7 days?!  Gah!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend :)


  1. Three words: OMG, that holiday will be fantastic!

  2. A lot of illnesses going around reccently, love that dress xx

  3. Love that dress


  4. love the dress! it's so pretty, i want it! :)
    I'm so surprised you never went back to blonde, btw! :) But proud of you, I can never stay brunette more than 2 months! :) heh


    1. Haha trust me I am heading back that way. I really don't like being brunette at all!!! xxx

  5. love the dress, its so summery!!


  6. Your dress is super gorgeous, the colours are amazing! Xx

  7. That place look ssooooooo beautiful! And I LOVE your dress!!! So pretty!!! Have fun at your vacation(: Followed you(: Hope you follow baack!


  8. this dress is amazing, you look gorgeous :) xxx


  9. Such a pretty dress and you hair looks stunning!

  10. very pretty dress!

  11. I love your hair! You've got the perfect beachy waves! Loving your dress! & LOVING your blog as well! You have a new follower, love! xo, Megs

    I'd love it if you could check my blog out when you have a chance :)
    Much Love!


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