4 May 2012

Franco Manca, Brixton

So, today being the first day in a long time that I have not been working a ridiculous fourteen hour shift the boy and I decided to forego the gym and treat ourselves to a little slice of heaven in the form of Franco Manca.  

Franco Manca is a tiny little pizza shop situated in Market Row in Brixton Village Market.  Described as a little slice of Hoxton this area has an abundance of food on offer from Italian to Chinese to Caribbean cuisine  and is the kind of place you can purchase alternative Chinese medicine as easily as you can get a tattoo or a haircut.

This hidden gem is certainly that!  Our first attempt in finding the place last weekend resulted in failure but this time we struck lucky.  Split across the 'aisle' of the market. Franco Manca has both indoor and outdoor tables but the outdoor tables are well heated.

Franco Manca use sourdough for their pizza bases, their tap water is filtered, their beer and wine is organic with the latter being bought from self-sustained vineyards and everything about this place just oozes freshness and vitality.  It is certainly a no frills experience, with cutlery and napkins in huge pots on the tables and your wine being brought to you in tumblers, however I cannot fault the taste of these pizzas at all.  I opted for pizza number 4 (Gloucester old spot ham [home cured], mozzarella, buffalo ricotta and wild mushrooms) and added some wild broccoli.  The boy opted for the same but with chorizo instead of broccoli.  We are both huge foodies and my man put these pizzas up there with the best he's ever had.  Furthermore our bill for two pizzas, plus extras, plus a glass of wine and a beer came to just £22.00!

By the time we left at 7pm there was a queue about twenty people deep...  I think that speaks for itself!  Although we went to the restaurant in Brixton they also have chains in Chiswick and Westfield (Stratford).

If you have the chance, go!  You won't be disappointed.

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