27 July 2012

St Lucia and Apologies

Some of you may have noticed I have been MIA for the past two weeks.  I do apologise.  I have been a bad, bad blogger so thought I would make a quick little entry whilst I wait for my family to get ready for dinner.

I am currently sitting on the balcony of a villa nestled in the hills of the luscious island of St Lucia at Windjammer Landing.  The views are to die for, the food is amazing and I am having an absolute ball out here.  Sadly my holiday is coming to an end and tomorrow I have to pack my things, rinse the sea salt out of my hair for the last time and say goodbye to this amazing island and its people.  

I'm going to do a full review of the resort when I get back and give advice on things to do, places to see and people to meet (this is about my twelfth visit to St Lucia so I think I've finally earnt the right!) but until now bonjou and bonswe from St Lucia :)

8 July 2012

Recent Treats

Snapped up these little bargains for the trip:

Seafolly bikini (sold separately) @ ASOS
Bottoms £40.00 reduced to £20.00 here and top £51.00 reduced to £21.50 here

I am a HUGE fan of Seafolly.  If you haven't heard of them (where have you been?) they are an Australian swimwear company who offer a huge variety of fun and innovative bikini styles.  Check out their website and beautiful range of swimwear here.  Their bikinis tend to retail for about £80 which I really can't justify on a bikini BUT once you try one on you are SOLD.  They are the comfiest, most well fitting, long lasting bikinis I have ever seen.  I haven't tried this on but I have never bought a bikini from Seafolly that hasn't hugged me in all the right places and boosted me up in all the others.  I think they are particularly suitable for people who are slightly lacking in the chest department as most of their bikinis come with moulded cups which is ideal for me.  All of their bikinis also come with a huge variety of top and bottoms styles.  So if you want a triangle bikini top which boy shorts chances are you'll be able to find just that in whatever pattern you want!  The UK stockists of Seafolly that I've discovered are ASOS, Figleaves and House of Fraser

Havaianas (of course) £20.00 @ ASOS

Aztec Stripe Flippy Hem Tunic £24.00 @ Topshop
(I need to get this taken up a couple of inches though.  Oh the joys of being under 5'2")

Black lace cami maxi £28.00 @ Miss Selfridge

7 July 2012

St Lucia, I'm coming!!

It is officially SIX DAYS until I will be here:

The beautiful resort of Windjammer Landing in St Lucia.

I have holidayed here almost every summer since I was 10 years old... but the last time I went was back in 2008 as Melbourne to St Lucia is really quite a tricky little trip.  Now I am in the UK again it is easy to get to and with £500 flights through Virgin (thanks airmiles!) who could say no?!

Flashback from when it all began:

My little sister and I in 1997??!!!  My God I feel old looking at this photo.  Nice t-shirts documenting where we were, also.

All grown up ten years later (except this was in 2007 when I was only TWENTY - again I feel so old)

Being awesome:

Because we holiday in the same place every year we actually have a great group of friends that we hang out with every time we go.  Probably about 20 of us from the ages of 17-35.  We're never always there at the same time every year but every year you go there will always be at least 10 people we know and we always have the best of times (as showcased by the photos below):


5 July 2012

My New Hair

Sorry for my slackness recently in updating this blog.  It has almost been a week... I've just slapped myself on the wrist and told myself not to leave it that long again.

I'm sure you're all very interested to know what happened with my hair.  I booked an appointment at Essensuals in Guildford.  Now you might find it a little strange that I live in London and took a train for 40 minutes to the suburbs just to get my hair done but this hairdressers has saved me from a variety of mistakes in the past and so I knew I was in safe hands.  

I donned my prettiest pink dress, and off I went.


(Excuse the, quite frankly, RANK hair but I was about to get it done so didn't feel the need to go all out)

I arrived and explained that I wanted to be blonde again, that I missed it and had to have it back.  I also opted for a little trim as, let's be honest, I haven't had a haircut by a professional hairdresser since The Millennium.

My original hair:

The result:

(shamelessly taking selfies on the train home - creep. Also excuse my no make-up face and rather perplexed/indifferent expression)

It is certainly no where near as blonde as I had originally intended but I'm going on holiday soon and it'll definitely lighten up in the sun.  It also looks so much darker in photos (with flash) than in natural light which is quite weird:

But all in all I am happy with the result.

What do you guys think?!

On another note please do check out Meg's Simply Beach give-away here - she's giving her readers the chance to win a £50 voucher.  Not too shabby hey!