7 July 2012

St Lucia, I'm coming!!

It is officially SIX DAYS until I will be here:

The beautiful resort of Windjammer Landing in St Lucia.

I have holidayed here almost every summer since I was 10 years old... but the last time I went was back in 2008 as Melbourne to St Lucia is really quite a tricky little trip.  Now I am in the UK again it is easy to get to and with £500 flights through Virgin (thanks airmiles!) who could say no?!

Flashback from when it all began:

My little sister and I in 1997??!!!  My God I feel old looking at this photo.  Nice t-shirts documenting where we were, also.

All grown up ten years later (except this was in 2007 when I was only TWENTY - again I feel so old)

Being awesome:

Because we holiday in the same place every year we actually have a great group of friends that we hang out with every time we go.  Probably about 20 of us from the ages of 17-35.  We're never always there at the same time every year but every year you go there will always be at least 10 people we know and we always have the best of times (as showcased by the photos below):



  1. WOWnderful photos! You are sooo pretty!! :)

  2. Next time you go.. I'm going with you. Strangers make for creepy vacation side kicks, good thing we aren't strangers anymore though because I commented on your blog, huh.

    just kidding.. not really, I would go.

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