8 May 2012

MaxFactor Max Effect Nail Polish

I have always prided myself on having quite nice natural nails.  I don't do much to them and they are a good shape, have naturally white tips and (when they're not exposed to the harshness of a British winter) are relatively strong/non-flaky too.

So you can imagine my despair last week; I was running out of the door (late) for work and realised I had forgotten my oyster card.  In the process of hurriedly trying to grab the card, slam the door shut and lock it all in one swift co-ordinated motion I managed to be particularly malco (not remotely unusual for me) and slammed my finger in the door.  Some tears and a lot of profanity followed (I'm sure my housemates wondered what the hell was wrong with me and why I was being so incredibly aggressive towards my bedroom door at 7 o'clock in the morning) and my train journey was particularly awkward as my poor little finger throbbed useless at my side whilst I tried to stifle my tears in front of a few hundred dreary businessmen. 

Anyway... obviously my finger has toughened up and no longer hurts but I have been left with a pretty foul looking nail (please, please, PLEASE dear nail God do NOT let it fall off!!)

Yes, yes I do realise I have some rough skin hanging off the finger there, but let's be honest... I had a more pressing matter to deal with at that particular moment in time.

So this weekend I decided enough was enough and my hands required a bit of a makeover.  I don't wear nail varnish a lot anymore as the colours I like the most are not really ideal for work so I tend to leave them au naturale.

So I grabbed two of MaxFactor's max effect nail polishes in mini size from Boots.

"Mellow Yellow" and "Juicy Plum"

I originally tried the yellow one however it went on really gloopily and you could see the streaks from the brush in the paint which wasn't ideal at all.  So I tried again with the purpley one and hey presto!  My nails were transformed.  It only took two coats for it to become opaque which is what I would expect from any well known brand.
With flash  

Without flash

I use my hands all day at work and after one day the ends were very very ever so slightly chipped (not really noticeable to anyone else).  Considering I don't sit at a computer all day and have a very hands on job I think the nail varnish wore pretty well.  It's probably quite expensive for such a small bottle and I also think that experiences would vary depending on the colour used but I am very pleased with "Juicy Plum" so far!


  1. That sounds awful (your injury)m but the purple color is so pretty

  2. Pretttyy nail varnish!!!!!! ahhh i love that you have a blog!!xx

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