19 October 2012

Long time no see

I have been a bad, bad blogger recently.  Truth be told I have no reason to have been so slack.  I have been in Australia, with no money, twiddling my thumbs waiting for my visa to come through...

It's true!  On my birthday I received my permanent residency visa!  It has been a long journey which my boyfriend and I have been planning since October 2010.  Two years and a few thousand dollars later I am finally here.

I am now on the elusive job hunt.  I have never known what I want to do.  I think it's difficult if you've never had a passion for something which you've managed to harbour into a profession.  Due to constantly flitting back and fourth from Australia I've never really managed to have a job for longer than seven months without moving countries.

So right now I am both excited but nervous.  I don't know how long it will take me to find something.  I just want to get working as soon as I can.

What do you do for work?


  1. hey :)) Congratulations and good luck with finding a job :)) ah applying for that kind of documents is soooo time consuming nerve wrecking and exhausting...but when you have them in your hands you realize there are no shortcuts to happiness

    1. It did take quite a while, but I found the process relatively stress free all things considered!

  2. You've got an AMAZING blog I LOVE it. It made me want to read more and your pics are fab - I'm soo jealous hehe I'm your newest follower hehe Do you think you could take a look at mine and perhaps follow back please?


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