24 October 2012

Koh Samui, Thailand

Whilst I had disappeared off the face of the (blogging) earth I managed to sneak in a quick trip to Thailand.

Some close friends of ours decided to tie the knot in the idyllic setting of Silavadee Pool & Spa Resort in Koh Samui.

Having not been to Thailand since I was a little tucker it was a really fun experience.

Silavadee is set a little out of the way from the hustle and bustle of Chewang Beach but is about 20 minutes away by car.  The hotel also provides free shuttles throughout the day to various places around the island.

It was a beautiful, relaxing holiday.

We enjoyed fantastic daily breakfasts whilst looking at this breathtaking view every morning:

Halfway through the holiday I decided I was sick of eggs and ordered chicken khao pad.  It was absolutely delicious.  Chicken fried rice with lime and lots of spicy, vinegary chillis.  I would eat this every day if I could.

We attended a beautiful wedding 

(Yes, I did change my dress halfway through the wedding!)

Complete with an open bar of cocktails galore

We did everything surrounded by breathtaking scenery

And spent our days by countless infinity pools

(Why yes, those are beds submerged in the water complete with jets - amazing!)

We ate well

And drank very well (and if I'm honest probably a little too well!)



I made a little friend (he was trying to bite me hence my expression)

And the boy made some little pals too

We abused the fact that McDonald's do home deliveries in Asia

We were naughty and rebellious and got tattoos

Sprawled on airport floors during transit

 And all in all, had a thoroughly beautiful and relaxing holiday


  1. Oh my goodness, what a great trip!! Love all of your pictures! I'm planning a trip to Thailand next year, might have to email you some questions!

    1. Oh yes please do! And if I can't answer I'm sure my boyfriend or sister could. They've both done more of a backpacker trip there.

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  2. I enyojed reading your post and looking at those wonderful pictures sooo much! <3 What a lovely post!! :))


    1. Aw thank you, I'm going to have a little read of yours now xx

  3. Everything looks so beautiful! Reminds me that I need to take a vacation soon!! Love your blog :) I'm now following you



    1. Thanks Jen, I'm just about to check yours out :) xx

  4. omg amazing pictures:)I cant stop looking at them. I follow you now. Would you like to follow me back/
    Magda xx


  5. So unreal! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.


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