26 June 2012

Cardiff, Wales

The boy and I had so much fun in Cardiff this weekend.  We were visiting my little sister at university so I'm afraid I don't have many cultural photos of the city or anything like that, all the photos are just of us going out.

I really miss university sometimes, I had such an amazing group of friends there and now we're all split apart and hardly see each other (one lives in Ireland, one in Scotland, one in Spain and me in England and soon Australia).  I get so nostalgic when I think about it.  Uni really is one of the best times of your life - if you're there right now definitely make the most of it.  People used to say that to me all the time when I was there and I don't think I really listened, but definitely regret that now!

Anyway, here we are re-discovering our early twenties!

 My sister and the boy out for drinks

I am wearing
Top: Aztec Latino Suntop £26 @ Topshop
(I think this is sold out but there are similar styles here, here, and here. Or just browse their Aztec stock here.
Skirt: £4 @ Primark
Shoes: Unknown store in Aus

We were actually out with more people than just the three of us as opposed to what these pictures suggest!

 Thoroughly hungover the next day.

We had a bit of a nightmare getting home as our bus was delayed by two hours, but we made it.  Back to work yesterday - I am literally counting down the days until I leave (12 working days, just so you know!)

Hope you all had fantastic weekends too.  What did you get up to?


Charlotte xxx


  1. Hey girlie! Thanks for the comment! That is weird... haha! Um, I tried to find your email to reply back but either I'm blind or crazy because I don't see it anywhere on your page!

    Anyway --- to answer your q's... I stick to a lot of chicken, whole grains, fruit & veggies! I love egg whites for breakfast or I make shakes (which you can find on my page under 'amazing shakes')

    I go jogging about 3-5x every morning and do a lot of weights, skipping, situps, etc throughout each day! I usually take Sundays off as my rest day!

    If you have any other q's email me at labellavitaonline@live.com and we'll chat!


  2. Great outfit! You look so gorgeous! ^^


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